San Diego Healing Touch is now Cultiv8 Wellness!

Personal Training & Small Group Fitness

While many fitness programs focus primarily on exercise and nutrition, Cultiv8 offers customized programs to enhance overall wellness with functional fitness training, fundamentals of nutrition and whole foods, behavioral change and lifestyle coaching and hypnosis, and various forms of bodywork. 

Many people go on and off of diets, lose weight, and gain it back. There are many reasons for this. I do not advocate diets for a number of reasons. The word “diet” often represents a quick fix, or temporary solution. Not all bodies thrive on the same diet, therefore each case should be treated individually. Another important factor that is often missed is the "root cause" in which a person became unhealthy, gained excess bodyfat, etc.

Our bodies are organic by nature, built for survival. Everything we need to thrive exists within nature, and within ourselves. Too many people are suffering the effects brought on by stress, artificial foods, and artificial lighting with lack of physical movement. Lucky for us, we live in San Diego where we have ample resources for enjoying nature with plenty of sunshine and mild weather. My fitness classes are outdoors in a beautiful park setting; this allows us to connect with nature and its elements. Amongst the trees, water, and breeze we can channel the energy that grounds and stabilizes, while utilizing the flow of movement.


"Rosemary is a superior trainer! Her strengths are many, but key ones are her effortless ability to build a connection with her clients that allows her to evaluate how best to obtain results. Her can do attitude is contagious and extremely motivating making each session effective and fun!Rosemary will definitely get you going towards obtaining the results you're looking for!" -Dwight B.